Victoria suffered tragedy and abuse

Jul 25, 2017 | by The Salvation Army

Tragedy forced Victoria to grow up too fast. As a four-year-old, abandoned by her father, she was cared for by her disabled mother. When Victoria was 8, she was orphaned after her mom died in a tragic accident. Lost and broken, Victoria spent years in group homes where she suffered horrible abuse. This period of time, which was incredibly painful, left her with lifelong anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

At age 18, Victoria left the foster system. Unprepared for life and completely without support, she became homeless and pregnant. But after the birth of her baby girl, Victoria finally decided, “I’m done.” She found The Salvation Army, and it saved her life – and that of her little girl.

The kindness, shelter and counseling got her on track. “I feel like I have a new life; I'm getting a second chance,” she says. Now Victoria has a job at The Salvation Army. She also volunteers in the community, helping others and giving back however she can. When asked what she’d say to a donor who helped make her new life possible, Victoria replied: “I want to say thank you. Your donation is going to one of the best places it could.”

In fact, your gifts save lives. Learn more about our programs and share these stories of people you’ve helped by visiting To make a gift or find out about volunteer opportunities, call our Donor Hotline at 1-866-455-4357.

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