Homeless to Work

Feb 22, 2018 | by The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Moreno Valley Corps, under the leadership of Lts. David and Kelly Cain, is partnering with the city of Moreno Valley to combat the issue of homelessness in the city by giving the homeless community a chance to secure a better life. The Homeless-to-Work program, launched through a government grant of $120,000 for the city, is a 90-day program that prepares homeless individuals for the work force. The program provides job training for homeless individuals by going through a hiring process, committing to work several days a week, and working with a Salvation Army case manager to set goals for their future.

Individuals involved in the program will be working two days per week, 5-6 hours a day earning $10.50 an hour, cleaning trash from areas such as empty lots and parks. The Salvation Army provides these workers with lunch, water, and transportation, while Waste Management has partnered with the city and The Salvation Army to provide rakes, shovels, and protective vests for the employees.

 “We are forming relationships with these people instead of just housing them,” says Lt. David Cain. “We give them the chance to earn a paycheck as well as dignity. We want to walk alongside them and help them create goals for their futures. This is an opportunity for them to make their first steps towards a brighter tomorrow.”

Vincent Fredborg, the Homeless-to-Work Program Coordinator was homeless for 30 years before going to a Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center for help. Now he is a homeowner, nine years sober, and plays a key part in steering the homeless towards a better life. “The Salvation Army gave me hope,” says Fredborg. “There is hope for everybody.”  (Frontier)

Through the program, there will also be weekly individual case management meetings, where the homeless individuals will work with a Salvation Army Case Manager to discuss what their next steps will be after completing the program and where they want to be in the future. With the help of the case managers, many employees have been able to enter into the ARC or Transitional Living programs, to improve their lives even further. So far, the program has employed 7 people, with hopes of helping many more.

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